About Alicia Infante

A positive and dynamic English teacher with a bachelor’s degree in the Teaching of English Language, who is currently studying a Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, has worked as an English teacher for about 9 years with young adults and adults in different study modalities such as on campus, online, and dual. Travelling to English-speaking countries such as United Kingdom and United States and working experience have provided her insights about the way people learn English as a Foreign Language in the Ecuadorian context and at the same time have given her the opportunity of seeing education as an eclectic process in which both the linguistic and situational contexts are important. Considering that a language is learnt when a real context takes place in the classroom, it is teacher’s role to provide students with authentic materials such as conversations, movies, anecdotes about experiences in an English-speaking country, real-life situations among others. Thoughts and believes about teaching English have been applied in work-settings like Indoamerica University and currently at Languages Center of Andes CTT where teachers and students are effectively challenging to teach and learn a foreign language in a stimulating environment.