About Cristina Salazar

A highly motivated educator who has lived and studied in three English speaking countries including England, the United States and India. She got a Bachelor degree in Applied Linguistics, a Diploma in Communicative Techniques of the English Language and a Master’s degree in Higher Education and Education Management. She was granted two scholarships funded by the Ecuadorian government including a training program in Kansas State University and a course on curriculum design and instructional material development in Chennai, India. She has participated as a presenter in various conferences not only in Ecuador, but also internationally as she is really interested in professional development opportunities for English language teachers. Passionate about making a difference in the lives of people through teaching and fully committed to contributing to the development of her country by inspiring students to become the leaders that Ecuador needs. Currently, she is the National Academic Coordinator at CTT de los Andes in Ambato, Ecuador. Leading this program is providing her with a great opportunity to enable her teaching peers to improve and ultimately increase their students’ academic achievement while sharing instructional techniques and ideologies between and among teachers.