About David Murga

David is a person who is determined and a leader. He wants to become the best version of himself. As well, he is a great professional given that he wants to acquire new knowledge and apply it to every day’s life with his students and people. He works with young learners, adolescents and adults. He never gives up even if he has fear to unknown things because David gets to know every change brings positive things to his life. As a professional, he has got the Bachelor’s degree as an English teacher at “Universidad Técnica de Ambato”. He has got the FCE (First Certificate in English) with B2 level and he has followed seminars in English Education to improve teaching in learners and help them to produce the language in a positive and wonderful environment. His thought is if someone wants to be a true professional, at first he / she has to become a human being through his / her values such as: humility, honesty, punctuality and responsibility. Finally, he wants to help other people and teachers to grow up as professionals through honesty, responsibility and will because that’s how people become great humans to try out knowledge and become fundamental part from the world. Finally, he could fall down at any moment but one thing is sure, he will rise up again and stronger to be succeeded as a nice human being and teacher.