Angelica Villegas

About Angelica Villegas

Angelica Villegas is a self-motivated person who has been working as an English teacher for almost 11 years. In 2008, she got her degree in Teaching English as a foreign language at the Universidad Técnica de Ambato, since then, she has been teaching the language to different group of students from primary school to college. She has travelled to the United Kingdom to improve her language skills and this has helped her to understand better the importance of learning a new language. When she is not in the classroom with her students, she spends time with her family which is one of the most important aspects in her life. She is currently working at the CTT Language Center as a teacher and a level leader. Angelica firmly believes that teaching is a powerful instrument that can be used to change someone´s life. Her responsibilities as a teacher are to diagnose students´ abilities and interests in order to plan class and learning experiences that will both challenge and allow students to think and grow. In addition, she considers that teaching a foreign language is not an easy task, but it is rewarding to see how a student who started the course with a very low level of knowledge reaches a higher one. She is sure that all of this can be achieved with good teaching methods and motivation.